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Release notes

1 April 2022

  • The customData information is updated with new examples.
  • countryIsoAlpha2 replaces countryName and the Address sample request is updated.
  • The Request definitions table is reordered.
  • The clientOrderId definition is updated.
PUT Order
The outboundTrackingNumber and inboundTrackingNumber definitions are updated.GET Order Status
The patientIdentification and QualitativeValue definitions are updated.GET Results
The SampleCollected and Cancelled definitions are updated.GET Results Status
The clientId description is updated in the Path parameters table.Get Notifications
The webhook notifications content and examples are updated.API Notifications

3 March 2022

The test kit result information is updated.GET Results
There is a new Glossary.Glossary
  • The description for the clientOrderId path parameter is updated.
  • In the Request definition, the type value for the PatientInfo/gender property is corrected and the description is updated. The PatientInfo/participantLanguage property description is also updated. The address/state property value is updated to remove Alaska (AK).
  • In the Response, the lgcOrderRef and clientOrderId property descriptions are updated.
PUT Order
The Results letters examples are updated.Results letters
The Replacement orders content is updated.Replacement orders
The 2xx error codes are updated.Error codes

10 February 2022

There is a new section about the Outreach API.Outreach API
The GET Results content is updated with new examples. The qualitative values in the Sample responses are also updated.GET Results
The order status information includes information about the ValidationFailed status.Orders API
There is a new customData field and new information about rate limits.PUT Order