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Client orders are identified by a unique, random ID. You can use the LetsGetChecked Orders API to complete the following tasks:

  • Order pre-activated test kits.
  • Receive order status notifications.
  • Query an order status for a particular test kit.
  • Track the status of your order from dispatch to delivery.
  • View information about replacement test kits.
  • Cancel Order.
  • Auto-release test results: the LetsGetChecked Care team can auto-release results for participants.

Order status information

The following order statuses are possible:

SubmittedThe client has submitted an order to LetsGetChecked.
CreatedLetsGetChecked has created the order.
KitDispatchedThe order is dispatched from LetsGetChecked to the participant. A test kit is dispatched as soon as possible after an order is submitted and LetsGetChecked does not email participants to verify their addresses before sending the test kits.
KitRegisteredThe test kit is registered. This occurs when the participant activates their test kit. The LGC Kit Identifier number is populated when the test kit is registered.
KitArrivedAtLabThe test kit is received at the LetsGetChecked lab.
ResultsAvailableThe results are available for a test kit. The Care team reviews the test results before they are communicated to the participant.
CancelledA Cancelled status will occur if a client triggers an order cancellation via the PATCH Order Endpoint. An order cancellation can be triggered up until an order has reached the KitArrivedAtLab status. Both the Cancel operation and Cancelled status are only available for clients using the Orders API - Version 2
ValidationFailedThis status is set when the system cannot process a submitted order. The order status is updated from Submitted to ValidationFailed.